Indianapolis CPA Firm Gives Light To Recent Tax Issues

Indianapolis, IN (August 14, 2013) – An Indianapolis CPA firm sheds light to some of the most recent issues concerning the IRS and paying taxes. Through their blog, Marietta CPAs tackles relevant topics to help individuals and businesses keep up with the tax requirements of the government.

The firm is all set to publish four articles for the month of August, all discussing the latest tax planning issues.

On the first week of August, Marietta will discuss the Internal Revenue Service’s Voluntary Classification Settlement Program (VCSP), which aims to provide taxpayers a chance to settle their employee and contractor responsibilities. The article embarks upon the fundamental ideas behind the VCSP and how, with the help of their tax accountants, taxpayers can legitimately settle their tax obligations avoid being reprimanded.

The second and third articles, meanwhile, will delve into the difference between a hobby and a business, and its tax implications. Questions like “Do you depend on the income from the hobby?” and “Do you market your services?” are some of the queries that help IRS determine how one should pay taxes.

And finally, the fourth article will provide a brief idea of what lies ahead of tax reforms. This article will make us more aware of what to expect from our lawmakers.

In a brief interview, firm owner Larry Marietta said his blog is about “educating the public and ensuring that they are well adept with the current regulations of the state with regards to tax planning.”

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