Indianapolis CPA Explains The E-Myth

What is the entrepreneur myth?

Most small business owners believe that if they can only keep up or increase their sales numbers then they’ll be fine.

What does this myth cause an issue?

Because these owners only focus on sales, they usually spend the majority of their time on customer service – making sure their product or service is delivered correctly and on time.

What’s the truth about growing a small business?

Most successful business owners have learned the hard way that the time they used to spend running the day-to-day operations is better spent developing long-term strategies and designing new products and services.

Because if you’re not taking the time to continually develop your business and it’s offerings according to your customers problems and pains, then you’re giving your competitors an opportunity to solve these problems instead.

So what’s the lesson to take away?

Don’t get all tied up into the details of the business that you no longer have the time for.  And when you do get into the details of your business, your purpose should be to develop the office systems and operations that will free you up so that you can work on your strategic and growth initiatives together.

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