Important Dates

While everyone remembers the April 15th tax deadline, there are a number of other important tax deadlines which affect small businesses. Be sure to check with your accountant to be sure you are in compliance with the following dates:

  • January 31:  Distribution of 2010 W-2 statements to employees and 1099 forms to contractors.
  • January 31: Federal unemployment (FUTA) tax returns and quarterly payroll tax reports must be filed.
  • February 15:  1099B and consolidated statements must be provided to customers.
  • February 28: File information returns, such as Form 1099s and year end W-3s amd W-2s, with the IRS.  This deadline is extended to March 31 for electronic filing.
  • March 15: 201 C-corp and S-corp tax returns are due.
  • April 18: You have three extra days to finish up those returns for individual federal income tax returns and partnership returns.  In addition, the 2011 first quarter estimated tax payments are due.
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