Do you breed cats for an income?

Cattery’s Business Expenses: While taxpayer’s principal source of income came from her wholly-owned corporation’s information technology consulting business, she also operated a “cattery” through the corporation to breed, show, and sell pedigree show kittens. Although dismissing taxpayer’s argument that the Tax Court erred in denying deductions for the cattery’s operational expenses, the 8th Circuit noted that the “mere fact [that the] cattery expenses vastly exceeded its income is not sufficient to disprove the existence of a genuine profit motive. . . The rule is clear—the Tax Court should find the trade or business venture lacked a genuine profit motive only if the court finds, as a factual matter, the taxpayer lacked a good faith, subjective intention to make a profit and was engaged in the activity for wholly different reasons.” DKD Enterprises v. Comm. , 110 AFTR 2d 2012-XXXX (8th Cir.).

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