Indianapolis CPA Explains: Why So Many Small Business Owners Miss Opportunities That Are Right In Front Of Them

Indianapolis CPA Explains:  Why So Many Small Business Owners Miss Opportunities That Are Right In Front Of Them

There are some things I’ve realized that business owners are just generally not interested in.  And all too often, one of them is spending time looking over their numbers.

I used to wonder why this was the case – because after all – accounting is the “language of business.”  However, then I realized that part of the issue is simply that most business owners don’t know exactly what they should be looking for in their data.

As a good example, it’s comparable to the reason why the general public doesn’t know how to invest their money the same as the experts on Wall Street.  I happen to have a finance background as well – and in fact I do manage my own investments as well as for others.

But the point is that I know the data that is necessary for someone to make money as an investor is truthfully available to the general public.   The only difference between me and them – or anyone of those large companies such as Goldman Sachs or whoever – is that a few of us know how to take that data that is generally available and make it valuable.

And it’s the same way for a business owner who has raw data, but doesn’t really know what to do with it.

The key is that your education as a business owner never ends.  And if you’re not so well versed in your numbers just yet, then just realize it’s something that you can learn.

And this is why I try to make it as straight forward as possible for business owners to digest his data, and turn it into valuable information that is going to make or save him money.

I just don’t like to see missed opportunities or business failures, all because of a lack of information that is all within reach.



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